Life or Death

Before I knew Christ, I looked at Death Differently. Living Changes how we view things. When we are old, we begin to embrace it and when we are young, we seem to think we can defy it.  Of course, in our youth we try to defy everything… even gravity; yet gravity eventually wins.

Life is a process and physically, death is inevitable. And yet somehow living life seems to prepare us for death.

As we live, our presumed immortality begins to fade with that first skinned knee or broken bone. And with the tears we shed at the passing death of our first loved ones…

Oh, how I missed that goldfish when it died. You know, the prize I won throwing Ping-Pong balls into little glass bowls at the Fair.

Cats and Dogs, Birds, Hamsters, Gerbils, Fish and Lizards and Snakes, and So many many pets later, I say “No More”. For; so many times I have wished they all could have out lived me.

Yet… no matter how much we wish and resist…

death comes and gravity wins:              Or does it?

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