Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People..?

I Believe God rewards those who seek Him. Hebrews 11:6 I

I Believe We are Set Apart for the Gospel, That We are Called to Belong to Jesus Christ,  And that We are Mutually Encouraged by Each Others Faith…

I Believe Unrighteous People Suppress the Truth, By Exchanging the True Glory of God’s Image, For Images of Things Created by God… Romans 1

I Believe God Has a Plan…

Yet… Believers and Non-Believers alike find themselves asking these questions:

What is it… Evolution or Creation..? Creationism vs. Evolution

Evolution Says… we all started this journey as Bacteria, that evolved into a Fungus, and so on and so forth, until we arrive at Mankind.

Evolution Screams… Survival of the What?  Survival of the Fittest……………..!

So… the Strongest Fish leap from the Rivers Depths to Swallow the Fly and Survive… Unless that Fly is Tied onto the end of a Line on My Fly Pole… Then I Survive..? Fly-Fishing 1FlyFishing 2Fly Fishing Bear




Without a Survival of the Fittest Philosophy… We have No Excuse for our Greed and No way to Justify Ourselves being separated from God.  So we carry on… Surviving Life rather than Living Life.  And we ask Questions of God Like…

Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People? and

Why are there So Many People Going Hungry in the World?

And Yet, All of Us have Chosen Ourselves Over Someone Else in this Battle to Survive

All of us EXCEPT the One… the Only One Who Did Not Pursue Survival… God’s Only Son… Jesus… who came to Die so that We might have Life.  And this Son says… “Come and Follow Me”

So in turn… God the Father comes back to us asking:  “So have I not supplied for you all…The Heavens and The Earth… and The Light of Day… and Water and Dry Land… and Grass and Herb and Seed and Fruit Trees… and The Sun, Moon and Stars and the Seasons of the Year… and all the Creatures in the Sea… and all the Birds in the Sky… and all the Beasts on the Earth… and Did I not give you Dominion over all of this and say…”to you it shall be for Food”?  And if this is so… He asks us all…

Why Do You Allow So Many Bad Things to Happen to Good People… and,

Why are there So Many People Going Hungry in the World today?

and we like SHEEP say “bah bah bah”  Because If I don’t Believe in GOD… I’m just a Survivor… and then it is not my fault!


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