Love Does by Bob Goff

My daughter gave me this book for “Fathers Day” along with a card.  She said, “Dad, you could have written this book…I think you will like it.”… 2013-09-02 23.33.42Some people read a book cover to cover and some explore ahead. I’m an explorer.  I like to peruse about a bit before I fully invest myself into a cover to cover read.  If I find something that grabs me… then I am all in… If not… then I may set it aside for a cloudy, rainy day.  Some say, a good book is like a good wife, there are qualities that attract you, and keep you coming back.  As I flittered about through the pages of “Love Does” I found my something special in the first line of Chapter 18.

“Why does spellcheck make me capitalize satan’s name?”  spellcheck button

 “Exactly” I said… I have been wrestling with my spellchecker for years about the  uncapitalization of …his… name.  So I added the lower case spelling to my spellcheck dictionary and clicked on Ignore always.  I guess you could say… “I traded The Truth for a lie…” and went on my merry way.  Bob says, “Jesus doesn’t give satan any grace.  He just speaks The Truth to him and then tells him to go away.”  discussion over no problem.

Bob, Love Does is a great book!  You made me laugh… and you made me cry.  You birthed a deep compassion within me for lost and captive children around the world… and an even deeper compassion for your commitment to do something about it.

People… Love Does is a good read… buy a few copies… and give some away… all of the proceeds from the book are donated to two organizations committed to loving kids… and Bob Goff is a real down to earth… heaven bound person.  If you call him at the phone number on page 224… leave him a message… He will call you back…

I am still smiling with God for sending the woman and the station wagon with the peeling fake wood siding… just to pick up an apprehensive young hitchhiker on the side of the road.  My God has such a great sense of humor.  If you don’t know that yet… Read this Book… share in this story of a journey through the Kingdom of God as Bob sees it.

Steven Cook

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