Redeemed…Chains of Yesterday

I Have Been Redeemed from the Chains of Yesterday…

When I was a kid, Mom and Dad got a divorce.  Divorce is tough on kids no matter what age.  I was somewhere in-between the 4th and 5th grade.  There weren’t a lot of single mom’s raising kids in 1959.  It was kinda tough.

My mom collected Green Stamps…do any of you all remember “Green Stamps”?          S & H Green Stamps…

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Books and books of Green Stamps.  They were trading stamps.  Retailers and Grocery Stores Gave them out… for every Dollar or Quarter or Penny spent in a store, they would give you the amount of stamps due for your purchase… and Books to stick them in and a Catalog full of things you could buy with your stamps.

My mom would decide on something she wanted in that Green Stamp Catalog and start pasting her stamps in the books.

We literally had boxes and boxes full of Green Stamp Books. It took a lot of full books to get the cool stuff… and when we had enough books of stamps… we would go to the S&H Green Stamp store and REDEEM books and books full of stamps for what she wanted.

There were other stamps and coupons you could collect and save too.  My mom smoked a particular brand of Cigarettes because each pack had a coupon.  She smoked Raleigh Filter cigarettes.  She smoked and smoked and smoked and collected and collected and collected and smoked and collected those Raleigh Coupons until the day she REDEEMED all those coupons for a new Canister Vacuum Cleaner…

She died when I was 13 from Smoking, she was 43.

Today you can still get stuff from buying stuff…but now we call it rewards. I’ve got my Fred Meyer rewards card, My Safeway rewards card, My Office Depot rewards card and Best Buy…just to name a few…and some even have Web Sites where you can Redeem your points for stuff.  For instance…At “” mcr_logoMinute Maid

I actually Redeemed 550 reward points for this Hat. And I received a nice “Diet Coke” pen and pencil set just for signing up.  Oh, and each bottle cap is worth “3” pionts…so I only had to consume 184 “2 liter” bottles of Diet Coke to get this stuff. WOW!

Don’t you wonder how many bottles I’d have to drink to get a Shop Vac?

A few times a year I have an opportunity to speak at recovery meetings. It is a great day when I can give testimony of Gods Love and how He can break us out of captivity and can set us free from the things that bind us. My bondage was Drugs and Alcohol.

All to often we allow the things of the world to consume us.  We think we are the consumers, but certain things we consume steal our very breath away.  With me it was Cocaine.  One day I had Stuff, then I found Cocaine…and “POOF” I lost all my Stuff.

I was Like a “Dead Man Walking”…my sin and shame and guilt imprisoned me as I awaited my inevitable demise…Death.  But by the Mercy of God…I escaped death long enough to remember that I had a friend.  Someone who could Free me from my captivity.  A person who had agreed to buy me back, pay my debt, release me from shame, and clear my name.  A true friend who would Reform me, Repair me, and Restore me.

When I was nobody…Jesus picked me up and said, :Steven, I want you to be somebody.”

My true and redeeming friend is Jesus…He died for me…that I could live.

Take a moment and go to the source of all understanding…go… get your Webster’s Dictionary off the shelf or go to Webster’s on-line and open it to “R“. Webster_collegiate_11

Look up the word “Redeem” and read what it says…mine says…to buy back… repurchase… to get or win back… to free from what distresses or harms… to free from captivity by payment of ransom… to extricate from or help to overcome something detrimental… to release from blame or debt… to clear… to free from the consequences of sin… to change for the better… to reform, repair, and restore… to free from… to exchange for something of value [as in… redeem trading stamps]… to make good… to fulfill… to atone for… to expiate [as in… redeem an error]… to offset the bad effect of… to make worthwhile… to retrieve  

Wow, that is exactly what has happened to me… all those things… Webster says…                                  I have been REDEEMED… and in truth… I have..!

The same  dictionary on-line says… a “redeemer” is… a person who redeems; …JESUS…

Not Buddha, nor Mohammed, not Confucius, nor any other god…for there is only one God who can truly redeem us and Webster’s says His Name is Jesus.

“The Bible” supports this too… Saying in Romans 3:24: “we are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus’…and again in Ephesians 1:7 saying: In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His Grace.”

And as for me… Jesus has convince me that I am somebody and I’ve been set free… my life’s been like a Country Song playing backwards… I got my car back, I got my job back, I got my days back, I got my wife and kids back, I got my house back, I even got my cat back [I didn’t have a dog]…I got my sanity back and my self worth’s back too.

I don’t think God is all worried about what it was we did yesterday… He is all about Today, Tomorrow and Forever with Him.

Listen to this Song by Big Daddy Weave…It sums it all up..!           

Because of Jesus…I’ve Got My Life Back…I’ve Been Redeemed…                        Thank God Redeemed..!

3 thoughts on “Redeemed…Chains of Yesterday

  1. What a great teaching, Steve, the Stuff, the drugs, all the things we decide to fill our crying, orphaned hearts with. We lived so many years having an idea of God, but never knowing Him, not even able to understand that He had Redeemed us from Satan’s ownership, and that we were truly, legally free and able. ” But God-so rich is He in His mercy….made us alive together in fellowship and in union with Christ; (He gave us the very life of Christ Himself, the same new life with which He quickened Him)….” Eph. 2:4-5. It’s in the Legal Document called the New Testament, and we get to see Him make it real and vital in us everyday now. The Word says we’re out of the womb, Spike ( haha, good way to say it!) So even if we don’t feel free and able, the Word says we are….and we just keep on yielding to Him and being quickened. Ed and I love walking with you, both.

  2. You’ve been REDEEMED, and I’ve been supposedly Reborn, only I don’t think I’m completely out of the womb, because there are days when I feel like there’s parts of me still in the womb. The womb is my old life, where I was comfortable, It was dark but I knew where things went. I didn’t really have to open my eyes, for like Ray Charles, as long as I stayed in my comfort zone I knew where all the furniture was, so I didn’t stub my toe. Now my eyes are open and even though I can see, I now stub my toe, but there are days when I hear a voice, and that voice says “Take My Hand” and even though I stub my toe I can now see that hand and this hand will never let go of me and I think stubbing my toe means I’m a work in progress and that’s OK!

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