Megan’s Story

My outer growing-up-world was privileged.  Large family, front row pew, matching dresses, community leader parents, all physical needs met…  My inner world was lonely.

Looking back I see God was there all along, but then I only saw Him in snippets – in the confessional at church, in summer camp led by spirit-filled nuns, when I begged for healing of tummy aches. I remember lying alone in the dark, the last one awake, wishing I had someone with me behind my closed eyes.

I realized young that no relationship was permanent.  A best friend today could be an enemy tomorrow. People moved away. Died.

To create bonds I became what people wanted, like a human chameleon. That led to teen-aged pregnancy…  My parents arranged for me to sneak to Portland, attend all girls’ school, give baby away, and return with a new wardrobe to pretend nothing happened.  It didn’t work.

My outer world had changed.  I didn’t fit.  My inner world had changed also.  An infection ate at my heart, creating a cavern to fill.  I consumed New Age Cults, witchcraft, drugs and countless relationships, but each bite tore the hole bigger.

Drugs fragmented my mind. God came again, speaking simply.  Did I want goodness or evil?  I chose goodness, and He arranged connections to draw me in.

  • My mom directed me to a priest.  He told me about the Holy Spirit and made sure I spoke in tongues before I left. He said Romans 8 tells God had adopted me and I should call Him Abba.
  • A druggie friend said the Bible was truth. I carried one everywhere, reading at bus stops and between classes. I found out I was the harlot boys in Proverbs should run from.
  • A guy on parole invited me to Faith Center.  I discovered it wasn’t a mall but a church, even though it wasn’t named after a saint.
  • Mom got me in Catholic new converts’ class.  They kicked me out for asking too many questions.

        I just couldn’t buy that Jesus was God.  God’s son, yes.  God, no…

  • Another ex-con told me about Jesus Northwest, a huge outdoor festival.  I hitchhiked with backpack, sleeping bag, $5.00 for food, a sign that said “Jesus Northwest”…  4 teens in a VW-bug squeezed me in and left me at the gate.
  • That night Keith Green, who’d also been raised Catholic, answered my questions about Jesus being God and why I needed to give Him my life.  I did, and God met me there.

Rom 8:15  says I received God’s Spirit when He adopted me as His own child. Now I call Him “Daddy God.”  I will never be alone again because He fused Himself into me.

Bit by bit He’s giving me a new inner world so I want to do what pleases Him, to love people and do brave, hard things.  When He adopted me, He gave a new outer world, with wonderful husband, kids, grandkids and you.  Those that follow Him are my family now because He adopted us all… Megan


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